Insanity by Silverhyena

Insanity by

Date: 7/29/2010 Views: 16052 Favorites: 68 Comments: 10


Another one of my "Restrained Mental Patient to Werecreature". A hyena, shock and amazement. Anyway, I think Knarks is behind this. I hear maniacal laughter down inside the basement. Sorry I haven't uploaded anything in a while, I've been busy.


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Heee. Need yena-fying straitjackets, if you ask me. ^_^


Funny, this one struck a chord with me. Personally I believe myself able to shift into a wolf, something which I've already done partially, but I have a feeling that if I told anyone not understanding I'd end up just like him,(except I'd be a wolf in the straitjacket)


Also, I'm telling you guys the because out of many communities, I think you'd be the most accepting of it


We're the ones to keep you sane Wolf49 ;)


I don't know if you guys were taking me seriously or not, but I'm being serious, I really can become a wolf.




If Knarks really likes to torture mental patients, shouldn't he make them hyenas with extremely ticklish feet? Just one patient, his lab rat and a feather could torture an entire floor with that constant 'yena laugh.


I had no idea Knarks was a masochist as well as a sadist XD Hmm...I might have the freedom of my arms at the moment, but I think I might give that up just to be the hyena in this picture!


Since it seems nobody got it-laughter is contagious. "Subject 5 hadn't slept for days. It was impossible with that infernal racket. All it would take was as little as a crazed titter... he knew, because that's how it started with 3, across the aisle."


"Has anybody ever told you the definition of insanity" Vaas. great pic by the way.