KappaCucumber by Sutibaru

KappaCucumber by

Date: 11/11/2006 Views: 14906 Favorites: 43 Comments: 14


Girl wants to enjoy her mother's cucumber recipes. Her wish is granted not how she expected. For people who do not know much about kappa, they are suppost to like cucumber.


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cute pic. i like it


Reminds me of Emdol's art, both the chibiness and the human/kappa parts.


Well I decided to make it a small Kappa and went for the limbs TF separate take. I do see the edmol in it as well. So I cannot deny that. Just trying soemthing new. ^^


aww. she looks both human and kappa at the same time; this really is a beautiful balance of both aesthetics.


Oh, that is SO CUTE!


Nice touch with the small backstory to the pic.


very CUTE! i like it :3


what's a kappa?


Very different from other stuff around here. Nice.


michael_bass: Either called a water spirit or a demon. A kappa looks like a mix between a human and a turtle except upon their head is a dish full of water that gives them their energy. If the kappa loses the water, they lose their energy and dry up.


Its abosolutely darling and waaaay too cute, Suti! Keep up the wonderful work! ^^


I think that's the first Kappa transformation on this site; certainly the first one I've ever seen. Good work. :) She's adorable.


kappa.............. thats like a turtle, right? i know nearly nothing of them so correct me if im wrong or if im right then.....well do nothing and say yes. Anywho i like the pic, anime styles wunna my favorites ;D


Yeah, it's like Sutibaru said earlier -- Kappas are somewhat reminiscent of a cross between a human and a turtle (though for some reason, in Pokemon, according to a R/B/Y generation Pokedex entry, people regularly mistake Golduck for a kappa . . . ). All definitions aside, the pic is good, I like it quite a bit . . . especially with the backstory. Very cute.