Wish become true (commision) by Tomek1000

Wish become true (commision) by

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some of people i know wanted me to draw more night fury tf's well they got luck ^^ i had one more commision with that dragon type XD

i wanted submit it more early but i didynt had internet so i do it now


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not bad.. but not sure if this qualifies as copy right infringement


well to do that i would need do masive sell of arts with that dragon + then would be the same with ponys did you saw how many people draw them?


Rules on it can be fickle is all


beh ponys or not probably everyone likes horses for the their cocks x3 (*giggles* now i'm wondering which type of cock could have Toothless x3 probably like others or more different :3)


....... One of the big reasons I have not posted anything here lately.

...That's all from me.


Admins are uppity about "copyrighted creatures" on this site... apologies for that. Their reasoning is sound enough... they don't want thousands of pikachus, ponies, mobians, etc. overloading the site's original purpose... living, breathing animal transformations... but as someone who enjoys the fictional species of others (sergals, flammies, etc.)... it can get irritating.


That sounds very understandable sea cigar i never really thought about it.Thanks for that info its good to know,but i think this could be an exception...right?


How To Train Your Body To Be a Dragon.


one good way to dodge copyright is the tail doesnt match, your missing the 2 horns between the ears and i believe the eyes are off soo u should be good. now if it was hiccup TFing that would cross the line