Venn Wereyena Roundup (2017-2020) by Adaru32

Venn Wereyena Roundup (2017-2020) by

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Muscle Growth

As the title states, these are just images and a sequence I've done, ranging between 2017 and 2020.

This is the antagonist of a werehyena story of mine (Still needs a name). His name's Venn. Throughout most of the story, he doesn't have the werehyena curse till one night when I go to defend a friend of mine from a group of gang members that Venn's a part of (Yes, I'm the protagonist and the striped wereyena in the comic sequence in this roundup).

While transforming into my werehyena form and defending my friend, Venn here sneaks up behind me and goes to stab me with a knife, which has little effect. Little fragments of blood are on my claws, talons, and fangs from transforming, so as I go to push him away I scratch him a little bit, and some of my blood goes into his cut.

Near the end of the story, he's able to slightly transform since only a tiny spec of blood got into his system (Just fangs, claws, talons, strength & agility increase, and ear shape change). But what makes the transformation progress is when me and him have a showdown. As we're fighting, he's not afraid of biting. The more he bites, the more blood he draws. Once enough blood's drawn, that's when he fully transforms.

You may be wondering why he's a different hyena species and why he's bigger. It has to do with character roles. Striped hyenas are known to be docile and one of the smallest of the hyena species, which is why I made myself as a striped one. Spotted hyenas on the other hand are aggressive and the largest of the hyena species, which is why I made Venn into a spotted one.

The first image is from 2017.

Second and third images and the comic sequence are from 2018.

Last image is from 2020.

All images drawn on Sai with an Intuos Medium Pro tablet.

All images coloured on Sai with a mouse and the tablet.


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You should put them in order.


They are in order if you read the description.


4>2>3>6>5>1 and 4>2>3>6>1>5 work well, too.


I'm talking about the years they were made, not the "proper" chronological order that you claim.