The Kangaroo Transformation Comic by Antiquity-Varmint

The Kangaroo Transformation Comic by

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Hello, I'm showcasing my two years old TF comic art of mine here. This was my very TF art work I have ever done.

This was going to be published in a indie magazine by a small group of art college students included me. This started out as a joke, however they went hey do your thing and we'll publish it. My friend want me to do it and I was like hey sure no problem. The Black and White version was sent in by year 2013, however the magazine have been delayed many times in a way it might have been now canceled or shelved due to lack of money or time. Which is a real major bummer because it was going to be my first published comic pages in print by age 21. My first comic book was done in high school, not sure old I was. My second comic book was done in first year of college by age 19.

But hey look on the bright side, at last I did finished penciling and inking this first transformation comic pages by age 21! I'm now 23 years old by time I post this to the Transfur website.


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Thanks for your kind words. I do greatly appreciate it.