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Forced Transformation

GM: "Luck roll"

PA: "Natural 20!"

GM: "You're lucky, you found a whole dollar!"

PA: "Boo ya, I pocket the hell out of that!"

GM: "While you pick up the loose change you notice a couple of street toughs walking with menace in your direction. One has a tire iron."

PA: "Great day in the morning! Forget the dollar, I leg it to the nearest ally and change into my eagle form!"

GM: "You aren't playing a were-eagle you're just a-

PA: "Bully to that! I'm changing my character sheet!"

GM: "I will for some reason allow this"

PA: "Ok, erasing"

GM: "They continue to get closer"

PA: I'm writing, I'm writing!"

GM: "You hear footsteps."

PA: "Come on man, give me a few more seconds!"

GM: "How long does it take to write were-eagl-"

PA: "Done!

GM: "You wrote three pages about you changing. Dude, what the fuck."

PA: "I was under pressure; it's the best I could do"

GM: "Where do I even start? I mean you only had to write were-eagle... and in, like, thirty seconds, three pages of you changing?"

PA: "It bothers me too, I wanted more"

GM: "No I mean, why even do it? HOW DID YOU DO IT?!-you know what, never mind. I think I need a minute"

PA: "But what about the fight?! I sneak attack them so I can get the first blow!"

GM: "No, screw that. They're on their way to change a tire or something. I don't want to work out a fight right now. Good god man..."

PA: "Did you say they're tired? Does that mean I win? I kick one dude in the face!"

No idea where I was going with that but I had this odd notion to write something RPG related after reviewing the pictures.

Anyhow, this was a commission by Pheagle-Adler http://pheagle-adler.deviantart.com/.


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Nice twist there at the end.


no bad x3


LOL Nice


I love the humor in your comics.


I have seen so many rp's go this way. Will he next go attack a gazebo?


I'm laughing at fact how you tried to talk with Pheagle-Adler on how to make the comic for him. It does sounds like fun and crazy at the same time. Three pages he written up very quick in 30 seconds for the comic work. Very impressive of Pheagle-Adler to do that. Very impressive speedy talent of his.


lol that is not how it went down, AG just came up with some dialogue to make it sound like D&D

Plus it's a were-eagle, not a gryphon XD


SHIT, I was really tired when I posted that ><. Sorry pal.