The Red Tail by Childolir

The Red Tail by

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Forced Transformation
Red Panda

One of the most fascinating aspects of animal transformations to me is the formation of the tail. The ancestors of humans lost their tails some 20 million years ago likely due to a mutation, so how would it feel to have a long tail again all of a sudden?


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Just some food for thought, related to the tail bit.

It might not be as 'gone' as we think.


Yes, I came across this when I looked up when humans lost their tails so I could write factual information in the description. Some (extremely extremely rare) humans even have true tails in the form of an atavism (i.e. reappearing ancestral trait lost to evolution).


One wonders whether epigenetics might have a role in the expression of certain atavisms. In which case, it might be easier to develop a tail than we think.


mabey adam+eve had tails too XD


I don't think the author of the story intended that interpretation. XD

And username checks out. :D