Adventuring with Friends by Garig1510

Adventuring with Friends by

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Alrighty, wow, when was the last time I drew TF... probably two months ago! It was very fun to do it again after a longer pause such as this, and I'm still trying to get into the practice of drawing it more.

I got the idea for this piece a while ago, but only just recently got to doing it, heh! But so, it was this...

We have a young Barn Owl, hatched with a very strong innate ability to use magic. And a human, who lived close to his forest home, and eventually befriended the bird. So much so, that he would regularly visit the Owl, as a friend.

Having a friend made the young Owl so delighted, that one day he let his magic flow a little more freely, and... turned the human into a Barn Owl as well, as a bit of an accident.

Neither of them minded it, however! The human was glad to be able and experience flight and other things that came with being a bird, while the Owl was even happier, because now he would always have someone to play with!

The changes were temporary however, and only lasted a day. Nevertheless, this only strengthened the bond between the two characters, and the human made it a habit to spend a day as a bird every now and then, and be a friend to the young Owl!

And that's the story here! Thought it would make for a friendly and innocent theme! :) I hope others will like it too!


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This just made me smile - so cute!


Awww, yay! I'm happy it brought out a smile! :D


Love that story


Thank you, I'm very glad you do! :D


Adventure is out there!