Drug Trial by Niche

Drug Trial by

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"Are you depressed? Do you find it difficult do get up in the morning, find life tedious and unfulfilling, or just plain boring? If you are experiencing all, some, or none of some of these symptoms, then we have good news for you! Introducing Laughitoloft, a new antidepressant clinically proven to elevate mood and improve quality of life. Not a single participant was unable to keep a smile off his face, and soon even the sourest of subjects couldn't control his laughter! Side effects include excessive hair growth, increased testosterone, increased apetite, higher voice, difficulty walking, blotchy skin, desire to visit the zoo, increased drooling, and finding even tragic events as funny as watching someone leave their coffee on top of their car and drive off. Do not take Laughitoloft if you are pregnant or may become pregnant, dislike shedding, or are a vegetarian and would like to remain that way. So if you're tired of feeling down in the dumps, ask your vet about Laughitoloft."


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