Water Lily by Niche

Water Lily by

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Mad Scientist

Experiment 163-c: Three hours after injection, the subject is still functioning, and rather well. Better than I could have expected after previous tests. Target shows excellent development of traits of both A. mexicanum and the Nymphaeaceae group, although do to the aquatic nature I had to move her to a tank and continue supplying the substance in solvated form. Luckily, she is far enough along that her skin has become permeable to it, as well as the rhizoid projections currently growing from her ventral, palmar, and plantar surfaces. Leaves continue to sprout, and quite beautifully, flowers have already bloomed. I do not want to celebrate early, but I am prepared to call this experiment a success.

It seems that this poor woman is being turned into some sort of plant-animal hybrid... What kind of dastardly and dashing creature could have done this?


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a pokemon nut of a professor!


Hello, I love good ideas, reminds pokemon. If I have desir to have more hybrids as well.


Wallace Breen ;)


if you will do sequenses to this it will be very amazing and i for sure will love it because i really like plant sequenses transformation and if it come with animal to its even better and if it will come with gender transformation male to female this will be masterpice in my view.


There will be more plant-animal tfs, probably a few transgender ones too. The character I alluded to will specialize in them.


neat! love it


Beautiful, and definitely the most creative hybrid I've seen in a long time!