Patreon Sneak Peak - Pudic Cat by tfancred

Patreon Sneak Peak - Pudic Cat by

Date: 5/20/2020 Views: 5702 Favorites: 48 Comments: 4

Forced Transformation

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Lately, I started working on a new comic based on my Shaga Universe and a surprise that I I started uploading last week! Don't miss it out, it will be awesome! It will includes TG, SW and TF! ;-)

Now, Story time!

Carl just got transformed into a female anthro cat! He lifted his shirt in disbelieve revealing his three brand new sets of breasts before realising that it might be misinterpreted if anyone saw her like this...


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If nobody else is going to ask... it wouldn't be mere coincidence that that's cupid spelled backwards, right?


actually Cidup lmao


I... I don’t get it... :-s