Free Candy? by Wereskunk

Free Candy? by

Date: 1/24/2022 Views: 2772 Favorites: 16 Comments: 1


I decided to draw myself being turned into a piñata via hoop. Why I listened to “free candy” and went through hoop, I can’t really say. Not like I could turn around. As soon as I went through I lost ability to move my upper half. Then someone used a rope to pull me and make sure I went in the right direction. Hey, it wasn’t a lie.. I indeed get free candy. I mean it’s inside me, I can’t eat it. Hopefully you don’t want to eat the candy inside of me…there’s only one way to get candy out of a piñata, you know.

Um…what are you doing with that bat?


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Well I suppose at least it would probably not hurt..