Recent Additions

[c] Magic Fruit by Recurrent
3919 views, 47 favorites, 1 comment
A 2 stage cel shaded sequence with a background for Hukaulaba
Siren's Lure by Breezes
4 images, 8846 views, 85 favorites, 9 comments
You're gonna have more than just fins, hun
[c] Galloping Gazelle Water by Recurrent
3576 views, 47 favorites, 2 comments
A two stage cel shaded sequence with a background commission for Hukaulaba
[ych] Bird Watching by Recurrent
2602 views, 34 favorites, 0 comments
A completed Soft Shaded YCH with a background for @PheagleAdler ---------------------------- Would you like to get a HiRes version of this piece and more? Consider supporting me on Patreon for as low as $1 a month. Find me on other sites
A Shiny Shark Treasure! by Kaiko
3315 views, 11 favorites, 2 comments
Squeaky pooltoy shark transformation sketch for CloudyYote on Twitter!~
Zeelo's Shark Transformation by Kaiko
3981 views, 26 favorites, 5 comments
My first full Transformation sequence commission! Thank you for supporting me as a new artist >//W///<
Kaiko Belly TF (Demi version) by Kaiko
3913 views, 41 favorites, 4 comments
My first Drawing for both the TF community and in general! It has been around two to three months since I started drawing, and I'm currently holding a POV YCH TF raffle on my Twitter so I can see how much i've progressed! I can't wait to draw and post more for this absolutely wonderful community!~
Luz Werewolf Transformation by AceComix
5 images, 8418 views, 60 favorites, 0 comments
Commissioned by charmaegontu
[c] Safari Zone Surprise by Recurrent
2811 views, 31 favorites, 0 comments
A flat color commission with a background for DavidMcGruff
Oh Deer by tfancred
4047 views, 72 favorites, 3 comments
To see more of my stuff, I still upload on my Patreon 3 times a week! As you can see Daphnee got a bad case of Shaga, Unable to,walk with those new hooves of her, she is a bit sad about this whole mutation thing...