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Changing Times Antiques: Humanity Break by Mxmaramoose
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Sometimes... a break is what you really need.
Gargoyle Form by Mxmaramoose
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@ShapeShifter499 is a really cool guy and commissioned this pic of his friend Phailphox's OC Sly the Bat transforming into a gargoyle as a gift. It was a blast to work on so thanks!
turtle goo tf by Kaju
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fury :
tasia bizzare adventure by dragonwithgames (dudewithgames)
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with the mysterous aura, the demi human turns further into her raptor self... __ overlay shading commission for WebsterAndVelvet critiques welcome
out of the box by dragonwithgames (dudewithgames)
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as the room unfolds in front her...she take a look at herself to admire her new body...maybe she will find a hunk to impress...or who knows __ critiques welcome
[c] Foxy Wyvern by Recurrent
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A cel shaded 4 stage sequence for TheFluffiestFoxOfThemAll
It Was 2:41 by Wereskunk
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To follow story you’ll need to click links to Twitter: A reply to this ( When I saw reply of what a cabbit was, I was transformed. I’m showing my family what happened and the ( Reply ) that triggered transformation. (The very blurry image is actual image from reply if you wanna see it clearly)
Light Fury for Stellar Vulpine by Mxmaramoose
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Heres another old commission done for StellarVulpine, he wanted to become a Light fury so here it is!
Manticore Guardian by Mxmaramoose
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Another Commission for Frost this time of a young woman who is now cursed to be the crowns protector
Dog by Mxmaramoose
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Heres another commission that I did aaaagess back that I forgot to post back then and I have now lost track of who it was that actually commissioned it from me. so if this is yours please let me know! I know I sent it to you but forgot what your name was so reach out and Ill edit this post