Recent Additions

Lucina Bunicorn by Magicwritings
4822 views, 19 favorites, 0 comments
Lucina gets cursed and becomes a cute little bunicorn! A request for a Patreon supporter.
Cursed Mask by Danwolf
4072 views, 36 favorites, 1 comment
Comission for nightfirer This is why you shouldn't touch objects laying around in dark, cold, enchanted forests. Well...get comfortable. You will stay a while >:3
Rat TF doodle by KrazyIvan
2 images, 5741 views, 35 favorites, 2 comments
Those skinnerbox tactics in gaming are getting advanced.
mlexi into Stella by mlexi
2556 views, 27 favorites, 0 comments
The only thing about drawing that's a bit of a pain, is transforming into Stella whilst doing it...
[Animation] Charizard Encounter by Taitora
4910 views, 41 favorites, 1 comment
A wild Charizard appears!
Kaiju Temper by Taitora
2689 views, 17 favorites, 0 comments
I failed to control my temper.
Dragon Hoop by Taitora
2890 views, 31 favorites, 2 comments
Received a hoop that makes one ready to smash those puny creatures. A dragon Bubba TF commission from Spyro for soaringeagle78.
Rabbits For Sale by Taitora
3240 views, 13 favorites, 2 comments
I bought a bunny from the new pet store. What should I name him? A bunny TF sequence for BlueMoonKin.
Cookie Thief by Taitora
2068 views, 10 favorites, 0 comments
"Caught the thief who stole our snacks. Don't worry, he won't do it again" An inanimate cookie jar TF commission for Hanto161.
Tiger Eye Gemstone by Taitora
2479 views, 20 favorites, 0 comments
Tiger's eye gemstone has been used as a talisman and got its name for a reason. A tiger TF sequence for Green-.