Recent Additions

Pointer-Wright-Ace-Tracker by PickleJuice
2132 views, 12 favorites, 12 comments
"Is the person who transformed you into a wolf in the courtroom today? Can you point him out?" "THERE!" "Good boy."
Papa Koopa by Danwolf
3 images, 2618 views, 11 favorites, 4 comments
Comission for Zeydaan Inner Dad comes out to protect the little one ! Happy endings are the best <3
[c] Your Flight has Arrived by Recurrent
3038 views, 23 favorites, 8 comments
A cel shaded commission with a background for Werenimal and @pheagleadler
[c] Dragon Staff by Recurrent
2467 views, 36 favorites, 2 comments
A flat color commission for Artoonist
Hungry Hungry Hounds by KrazyIvan
4138 views, 40 favorites, 4 comments
Poll request
TF SKetch Request Stream 3-11-2021 by Mxmaramoose
4 images, 3544 views, 31 favorites, 2 comments
Here's the results of our super fun TF Request Stream last night! I had it was a blast hanging out with all y'all and we came up with some great transformations!
Horse Play by KrazyIvan
3 images, 7536 views, 32 favorites, 2 comments
Experiments in early TF stages for an upcoming sequence
Scary Puro by Danwolf
2356 views, 28 favorites, 4 comments
I was playing with CHANGED in the last couple of days and I couldn't hold myself back, I had to draw this absolute cutie, I love Puro <3
Old Shrines And Ivy by Gryphius
3101 views, 20 favorites, 2 comments
Hugging tight to the cool, ancient column you feel such a reassuring stability as your digits stretch out, paws wriggling to secure into the moist soil as tail follows suit, so sturdily rooted now as your leaves bud along lengthening vines, eager to soak up the sun. You blush as you settle into against the ruins, feeling a perfect contentment, relaxation, as you surrender to a new position among the greenery~
Changing Routines by WhenWolvesCryOut
6366 views, 63 favorites, 1 comment
TFTG commission for Reagent and Vinomath. Swapping workout routines. Also swapping some other stuff.