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Manticore Guardian by Mxmaramoose
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Another Commission for Frost this time of a young woman who is now cursed to be the crowns protector
Dog by Mxmaramoose
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Heres another commission that I did aaaagess back that I forgot to post back then and I have now lost track of who it was that actually commissioned it from me. so if this is yours please let me know! I know I sent it to you but forgot what your name was so reach out and Ill edit this post
Mermaid Pirate for Frost by Mxmaramoose
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Uploading Some commissions Id did a while back ^^ Here is a lovely Mermaid Pirate TF I did for Frost.
Squirrel Girl by tfancred
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More of my stuff : http// Why do I nearly don’t post? Every times, I get spam by stupide haters…. They insult me and even do requests…. « Suicides requests »…. Makes me kind if anxious to post! Anyway, I still post 3 times / week on my patreon and any support is welcome! Here, you can see Sabrina who, after she caught SHAGA, turned into this lovely anthropomorphic squirrel! "I know I'm not exactly the girl you fell in love with five years ago, but if you don't mi...
Mademoiselle Fayanova: In Training by Tim-Kangaroo
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It all started here: The transformation was very traumatic for me, at first. But I've since discovered that I'm pretty good at ballet! So now I'm in training for Madame Upanova's latest production. Wish me luck! Let's turn this into an Ask Me Anything -- about being an ostrich ballerina. Go for it!
TF Sketch Request Stream 8-18-2021 by Mxmaramoose
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aaand heres the stream results from the 18th ^^. it was a lot of fun hanging out with y'all yesterday and creating these fun transformations
[c] Dino Night! by Recurrent
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A large group commission featuring everyone being transformed into Dinosaurs (and one Pterosaur) at the museum's special Dinosaur Night. Featured in this piece are: DigitalPotato Werenimal @PheagleAdler Recurrent nothingtosay Hukaulaba Zeelo Kinit935 Lemonruse Skanra
[c] Fresh Coat of Paint by Recurrent
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A cel shaded, two stage sequence with a background for Hukaulaba, featuring some familiar hands dumping transformative paint onto them.
TF Sketch Request Stream 8-11-2021 by Mxmaramoose
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Morning All! and thanks for your patience.. here is the stream drawings from the 11th, I had to cut that stream short due to heat so that's why there's less that usual. hope you guys enjoy these! I should have yesterdays stream drawing up either later today or tomorrow
Tartaglia narwhal tf by Samarline
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Transformation of 11th Fatui Harbinger into narwhal. Art (c) Samarline Tartaglia/Ajax (c) Genshin Impact/ MiHoYo