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Sluggish by Virmir
4 images, 16870 views, 38 favorites, 4 comments
Guest starring Trubbol's magic bunny, because he deserves what happens next.
Dragon Staff by Virmir
3 images, 15454 views, 96 favorites, 1 comment
Commission for Foxgamer01!
Easter bunny recruitment 2016 by KelvinTheLion
4 images, 26091 views, 114 favorites, 12 comments
If you find a basket like this one in the days before Easter, be sure to taste one of the eggs. They always need more bunny helpers.
Prideful Pony by Demyxia
2 images, 21716 views, 66 favorites, 1 comment
A commission for Ealadubh of himself being corrupted into the unicorn personification of "Pride" by my character Nega.
OSC: That's A Stretch by Jakkal
3 images, 17057 views, 66 favorites, 0 comments
Commission for @PheagleAdler of himself reaching for an acacia leaf and turning into a giraffe to eat it. I can think of better things to eat, but whatever floats his boat.
OSC: A Not-So-Dire Situation by Jakkal
3 images, 13397 views, 83 favorites, 1 comment
Commission for @stormnobleheart of himself changing into a non-anthro dire wolf form. He seems to really enjoy it!
OSC: Whipped Into Shape by Jakkal
6 images, 26095 views, 114 favorites, 5 comments
Commission for @Ealadubh of his human self getting whipped and turned into a donkey by a sadistic circus animal trainer. I think this is all of them since they were commissioned at different times (and not in order).
Hippocampus by HamsterToybox
20 images, 23060 views, 73 favorites, 13 comments
Edit 2: I forget to upload the 7th stage X( Edit: It is complete! I've spent the past few weeks working on a really long sequence for EalaDudh ( and still have more to go. Here's the first 5 to prove I haven't disappeared altogether :D This one is particularly interesting due to the underwater element, the addition being a second character, and the TF being more like modelling clay than the standard bones rearranging/flesh stretching - you'll see this ...
What are Thooose!? by Ametf
2 images, 13984 views, 79 favorites, 5 comments
Art Trade with Sturaptor on FA. Was originally going to be a digital peice, but my tablet is busted! Pen, crayon and water colour pencil. Uploaded the linework too. My cheeky scanner has ate some of the vibrancy though :(
Robot Knights ACTIVATE!!! by Comic
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-EDIT- Sooo, uh. This is awkward. Looking back at my gallery I never uploaded two pieces of what was a three part series. Ehehe, uhhhh~ :I ...Hey ya go. They're kinda old by now, but better late than never. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anime!!! If its not girls in uniform or mechs its BOTH. I like the transformation sequences that happen outside of reality, but when they recycle the same damn thing over and over again, AHHH. It just bre...