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OSC: Sequence: Sealed Fate by Jakkal
13 images, 20182 views, 99 favorites, 2 comments
Transformation Sequence for @ealadubh of himself as a fisherman who is about to have a very unpleasant experience with his latest catch.
Chicken, Chicken. by Gryphius
2 images, 19520 views, 80 favorites, 1 comment
Foxx and myself, turning all chicken-ey! And just to make it even more fun, switched some things up. ;D
Cougar by Manto
2 images, 16384 views, 102 favorites, 2 comments
Easter Kigu by blackshirtboy
2 images, 29498 views, 235 favorites, 6 comments
Easter cosplays.
Energy drink goo TF by Kaju
2 images, 21663 views, 62 favorites, 5 comments
OSC: Onomnomnom by Jakkal
4 images, 16921 views, 97 favorites, 3 comments
Commission for Onom of himself turning into a werewolf on one fine full moon night.
Warmth by Hukeng
4 images, 12177 views, 53 favorites, 3 comments
Fire is a devastating, wild and roaring force of nature, but it can also embody warmth, light and safety - what would be more suited to fight one´s nightmares? Hadn´t done a comic in a while, so…
The Pig Witch by HamsterToybox
26 images, 74583 views, 118 favorites, 36 comments
EDIT: It is complete! Another sequence commission for @EalaDubh, who apparently never learns to stay away from magical people and objects XD I don't get to draw women very often, and drawing this has made me want to draw loads of pin-up girls. I'm going to be uploading this as I make it, to avoid the weeks of silence then the sudden art dump! Commission info here:
Dragon Inflation by Hukeng
2 images, 12937 views, 62 favorites, 1 comment
Commission for yowza, who also wrote the narration to go with it. If there is one thing young and aspiring wizards, mages, sorcerers and witches have in common - well, aside from their often hotheaded, arrogant or clueless demeanor - then it must be their ravenous thirst for knowledge. A near careless abandon to discover, experiment and hoard whatever tidbits of magic their newfound powers and knowledge allows them to understand. Like wide-eyed children seeing the world for the first ...
Late Night Sketching by DstRoy
2 images, 13152 views, 61 favorites, 8 comments
There go your shoes, in an explosive manner. Shoe-splosion! A rare traditional two paged sequence from me, neither of which I don't usually do, or can't do. :D But here they are, and I'm a lil' proud of how they turned out :3 Except that I might have ran out of space on the first page.. :I This was completely inspired by UncannyCanine, and I made these as a trade with him. He is such an awesome person to work with :D And seems he didn't listen my warning; Late night sketching can be dan...