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Draconic Otter by Weazel75
5866 views, 28 favorites, 2 comments
Older picture that I went back and finished. Kind of weird seeing my art look like this again.
Otter Toy by Weazel75
9349 views, 52 favorites, 3 comments
Ready for the pool!
Otter Pool by Weazel75
5400 views, 47 favorites, 2 comments
I love my tail!
Gambit Pileup by Weazel75
5 images, 15219 views, 36 favorites, 5 comments
I'm taking commissions! Just recently updated the rules from a per hour basis (Which I made this sequence under) to a per panel basis. This should allow for a more concrete view of how much money a commission may end up spending. See my page for a link to my commission rules if you're interested.
Fish Dinner by Virmir
3 images, 13983 views, 56 favorites, 2 comments
As someone who recently started eating the occasional fish dinner, I can testify the realness of this danger. Commission for Dmitriy Fox!
Easter Eggs by Weazel75
7626 views, 26 favorites, 3 comments
I am less happy with this the more I look at it.
River Otter by Oter
3 images, 13877 views, 57 favorites, 5 comments
Commission for orioles03 on FA
Black Latex by Weazel75
2 images, 10068 views, 36 favorites, 1 comment
Suggested to me during a stream.
At the 24 Hour TF Diner by Spacecat
2 images, 25731 views, 113 favorites, 20 comments
Original descriptions and such are here! This was a commission for a lotttt of people, where furries go into a diner to eat and come out as different critters!
Otter Occupation by Weazel75
5887 views, 18 favorites, 2 comments
Redo of an old picture. The idea well's been dry for a while now.