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Applied Creature Studies by Hukeng
2 images, 10652 views, 56 favorites, 2 comments
Inexperienced, young creaturologists should always be wary, lest they get to know the beasts of lore wich they headed out to observe and describe a lot closer than they originally intended...
Demon Boy by Hukeng
6912 views, 50 favorites, 1 comment
...And then they say that all Demons are nasty monsters. Well, time to prove them wrong, little one.
Surprise Wings by Hukeng
5747 views, 31 favorites, 1 comment
Sadly, they are a little too small for flying - yet.
Commission: Childcare Applicant by HamsterToybox
5 images, 11845 views, 35 favorites, 2 comments
Not quite what he was expecting the role to entail. It's supposed to be a stork, but heron was the closest thing on the list. For @EalaDubh I'm now offering ink commissions! Full body is $40, 3 head shots are $30. Email me at if interested :)
Commission: Aquatic Variations by SepiSnake
9279 views, 53 favorites, 4 comments
A flat color commission for SilverFennec of their fursona, Silver, and their friend's Tigergryph in the water. However it seems that Silver had an ulterior motive to bring Tigergryph into the water. Hopefully she'll like being a mermaid.
Jackalope by LanceNightingale
11032 views, 102 favorites, 8 comments
Because why not? A post TfTg image.
Donkey Gal by Viergacht
5 images, 26796 views, 275 favorites, 5 comments
A sequence done for The-Transforming-Pen on DA. They dictated the pose and degree of tf and I just strove to deliver. She looks pretty unhappy about the situation, but I like to make up my own story, like maybe she's usually a majestic werewolf who's having an unexpected allergic reaction to Twinkies or something. She'll be fine. LessThanHuman did a really sweet photomanip based on the second drawing!
Don't Freak Out by Viergacht
4 images, 16400 views, 33 favorites, 10 comments
Based on a true story.
Trade: Tomek by SepiSnake
8744 views, 81 favorites, 2 comments
An art trade for Tomek1000 of FA.
Aryte Commission by Viergacht
7613 views, 130 favorites, 5 comments
. . . of his werewolf character. This is an older drawing, that I worked on while I was suffering pretty badly from a pinched nerve that makes my shoulders ache (it comes and goes) but I think it turned out pretty good despite that.