Wooper Hooper by WhenWolvesCryOut

Wooper Hooper by

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Gender Change - Male to Female

Patreon reward for LanceNightingale.

Seems they forgot to take into account the return trip when choose a size for their tf ring.


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So, he used the hoop to turn into a female hyena, and due to the hoop being to small can't change back to a human male?




I fail to see the problem then.


At the risk of sounding silly: Hip Hoop Hooray!


the one thing that I do wonder, being a technical stats nerd. are these things assigned with dimension access, does it go by the transformee's wishes, etc. been playing too many RPG's over the years, I guess :P


They can't be rigged for specific forms, not unless you want to assume a cross-dimensional guild of sadistic enchanters. *looks at Wolves' patreons and commissioners*

I'd call it most likely that the rings react to a self image and people really don't understand how oversized that is, but it's not impossible that it would create a self from a different dimension or even the True Self bit.


The way I tend to picture it as creating a "hypothetical pocket dimension", similar to a bag of holding or portable hole. Alternate form is created within that pocket dimension, and passed through into reality as the original form passes into the pocket dimension.

It helps me wrap my dead head around the quirks I give the rings, like being able to see the each side extending into the ring, and it working both directions. Never decided on any specifics on how the altered form was decided. Tends to vary in my head from piece to piece.


I love these hoops!

...And those hips!

Yeah that's not coming back off. :D