J is for Jaxartosaurus by Witchfiend

J is for Jaxartosaurus by

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"This better work," grunted Tammy as she made her way up the hill. From up here she could see down the coastline up to where the cliffs rose up and the northern enclosures remained hidden behind their enormous steel barricades. She wasn't here for the view though: she was here to get reception.

"Come on at least a few bars…" she said as she stared hard at her iPhone. For somewhere which supposedly had the latest technical facilities they seemed to have terrible reception. Her rep had told her that it was only a temporary signal problem, but it wasn't enough for Tammy. She had already missed a few days of being online and the waiting was killing her.

She at least wanted to know what her friends were up to, half way across the world. Of course she had plenty of photos to share with them too.

"Fuck, still nothing!" she fell to her knees in frustration, almost tearful. How far had she wasted today just getting here?

A few moments passed. She brushed off the grass and got up, taking in the scenery as the sea breeze washed over, cooling her head. Perhaps it was the rush or the sudden burst of anger but her head felt strangely light. She sniffed her nose, which also felt congested, but she resisted the urge to rub it.

Looking around, the view was rather nice. Perhaps a great place for another selfie.

She gave a quick stretch, making sure her low slung top was just right and lifted iPhone up with the camera activated. It was all part of the routine now. But as she looked into the forward camera, ready to purse her lips, she froze in place at what she saw on her phone's display.

Looking at the digital reflection of herself, there was something obscuring the middle of her face. It was a deep brown, and almost looked glossy like the beak of a duck. It started from her top lip, covering her nose and flattening it to form a short muzzle and spreading all the way up the bridge of her nose and forehead before forming a crest that split her bob in two.

"Is this some kind of photo effect" she whispered the words out loud, barely noticing that the beak moved with her mouth movements. It seemed incredibly advanced. But then as she reached up with her free hand and touched it, feeling the waxy surface, the illusion quickly vanished and she realised that what she was seeing was her actual face.

For how terrified she was of this change, she couldn't stop staring at her reflection on the phone display. She moved the camera about, seeing the head from every angle, confirming all the more how much her face had changed. But it was still changing, for where the fleshy beak met the skin it started changing colour, turning to a pale creamy yellow that stood out from her tanned skin. Her hand moved from the beak to the pale skin, realising that quickly enough that it was reforming into smooth scales.

Her eyes on her face's reflection, she barely noticed the scales were growing across her body. She barely noticed when her toes started reforming, merging into larger ones with flat pats and sharp claws that would better suit her new body. Her hands were still human, though even then the scales were starting to form their and her nails were becoming visibly sharper.

What she couldn't ignore was the loud rip from behind, but even then she used her camera to once again see it, as if seeing it through their was helping her displace herself from the reality of her changes. Angling the camera, she could just make out the growing mass of scaled flesh that was her tail. This time it was tipped with green scales that followed across her elongated spine all the way down her back.

More rips came, and things felt tighter than ever. First was her red jeans, as easy wearing as they were they soon tore apart as her thighs and hips grew out. This was quickly followed by her top. which fell away like tissue paper under the strain of her growing torso, as she continued to grow taller and taller.

It would have been a strange sight indeed, seeing this naked creature holding up a tiny camera in its hands. She could feel them becoming stiffer, but she tried her best to hold on, as if represented her last bit of humanity. The face was barely recognisable, anymore, her body now completely covered in cream and dark green scales. She tried to move her thumb to turn off the camera, as if she wanted to see anything else. Maybe make a call for help?

It was then however that a pressure built in her nose. Breathing in through her duck bill, she unleashed a great sneeze that shook her entire body, signifying the final change to her face as her bill pushed even far forward. In the process her phone flew out, off the hill and into the beach.

Several hours later, the resort staff would find Tammy the Jaxartosaurus wandering the beach. Hunched over, she kept digging through the sand, occasionally stopping to eat some leaves from a bush. When asked, she said she didn't know why she was digging. While the prospect of fresh food was enticing, it was the chance for her to be with other dinosaurs that made her follow the keepers back to the facility.


From the beginning of June I started an alphabet of dinosaur tf's, each with an accompanying story, in mark of the arrival of Jurassic World. Previously uploaded on FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/witchfiend/

I hope people will enjoy them here too.


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The selfie aspect really makes this image - very creative and cool. Out of all of them, this is the one I'm the most curious about further on - her surprise changing to terror as her hips and legs become full dino. Fantastic series!


I love the crest! It would definitely catch my attention lol


So is she full dino or anthro?