A Bald Discovery by Garig1510

A Bald Discovery by

Date: 1/15/2020 Views: 8354 Favorites: 41 Comments: 5

Cursed Location
Forced Transformation

Picking up a random feather on a quiet hike in the middle of a foggy forest? Yeah, that's bound to have some feathery consequences...

This has been a commission for a client over on FA, showing their character's transformation into a Bald Eagle, caused by picking up a feather!

Thank you so much again for the commission! :D I really enjoyed drawing this one, and it's truly been a pleasure to work with you!

More line painting, more shading, and more practice at TF, of course! Feeling more and more confident with portraying the transition between human and avian anatomy, and been experimenting with more dynamic poses, so! Hopefully it shows!

And as always, feedback and constructive criticism are both welcome and appreciated! Always trying to improve, and the latter two help out a lot! :)


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Love it


Thank you, very glad to hear it! :)


A patriotic endangered species tf :D

Love how the exclamation mark at the end is shaped like a feather ;)


I love this kind of thing, and this is really good


Thank you very much, I appreciate that a lot! :)