Flamingo Dance! by Garig1510

Flamingo Dance! by

Date: 4/2/2020 Views: 4733 Favorites: 23 Comments: 1

Cursed Location
Forced Transformation

Well hey, another happy Flamingo TF, yay - James's Flamingo, to be more precise! Seems like someone didn't heed the warnings I made last time about staying on the path! But they don't seem to mind the consequences either!

And hey, this was a commission for a client over on FA! Thank you very much again for commissioning me, this was a very fun project, I seriously enjoyed working on it! :D

Got to play around with Flamingo colours again, and a dynamic little pose! And I love their legs, they are funny, but also very graceful at the same time! All in all, another fun TF project!

And as always, any feedback or constructive criticism would be most welcome! Always looking to get better with art! :)


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Happy Dance! And they've already been snacking on shrimp as well.