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A Killer Time by Niche
8588 views, 52 favorites, 3 comments
A quick drawing I did in between studying for a huge exam. A pseudo-trade from FA where I'm turning into an orca! This was a fun one, I've never really gotten to do a tf where I grow a good deal, it's pretty interesting. And the anatomy was fun, I really like the hands and the mouth. They always look really bland with a white background, so I threw in some water and walls, let your imagination make up the scenario.
Spider Tf by Niche
14592 views, 57 favorites, 5 comments
Here's that tf I alluded to, I've been wanting to do a spider tf for a few years! I think it turned out rather well, though it doesn't quite have the creepy monstery spider feel I wanted to get. Guess I'll have to do another one sometime ^^^^ . ^^^^
Noctilucent by Niche
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At first it was just the occasional flutter of wings punctuating the quiet night air, but soon it was a frequent occurance, as aerial gymnasts joined the cloud. They danced around him, their chirping song growing louder and louder in his ears as they grew, and soon the tearing of his clothes made him cringe. He swung his arms wildly, trying to escape the acrobats, his hands catching more and more air even as he grew smaller. The intense cacophony threatened to deafen him. But this uproar, was it...
Joining the clouds by Niche
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The full sized version of a Halloween avatar, I had to crop a lot of it and its still a bat transformation! v·v If you didn't know, bats are one of my all time faves.
You Can't Escape! by Niche
10122 views, 115 favorites, 3 comments
Trade with a friend. Seems he--she has found quite the evasive pumpkin! She'll need all her panda reflexes to catch it! Based on an adorable video on youtube.
Skunktember by Niche
6104 views, 52 favorites, 2 comments
I didn't want to be left out, so I did a quick sketch for Skunktember! Was a nice fun thing after finishing a big project. A handstand tf into a floofy skunk ^.^
Pounced! by Niche
6563 views, 52 favorites, 3 comments
What started as a speed sketch turned into one of my favorites! I think its really cute, and it still was done quickly enough in a single sitting. A fox spontaneously becomes anthro mid-jump! Looks like a rather crash landing! But he's so cute! <3
TFerscore: The Savannah Can See You Now by Niche
6118 views, 47 favorites, 2 comments
I Should Really be a Bird: Been TFed into a bird - 5 Comments: One of my favorite birds, the majestic secretary bird! This savannah eagle uses its very long legs to stomp snakes into meals. Very stark appearance with the white and black and the red mask. Though I think I'll appreciate that later, I seem rather startled. :P
TFerscore: Let's Step Up the Intensity by Niche
6119 views, 66 favorites, 0 comments
Finally getting around to this! I've been brainstorming, planning, and practicing to increase my score in the "TFerscore Meme" (found here) which is a score based on the variety of tfs someone has appeared in. To make it more challenging and give me more practice, I'm only giving myself the points if *I* draw it after I post this one and the subject is *me* (as the score ranks what's happened to me). Each drawing can only count for one prompt, regardless of how many it could satisfy. I'm going t...
Aw nuts... by Niche
9015 views, 73 favorites, 2 comments
Commission from FA It seems a thief has trigger a magical trap while trying to pick the lock on a wizard's strongbox. Certainly hope any birdfeeders don't have similar deterrents...