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Who wants the ball? by Niche
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A gift/commission for Shadowfox014 on FA. Here's Kelowna using a little magic and a tennis ball to turn him into a doberman. Just to be sure he's nice and obedient, a little hypnosis was added for some fun.
Mustelide Magic by Niche
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A sketchy idea concept thing of an OC I'm working on. She's the large magic wolverine currently turning me into a ferret. She's a counterpart to a different character I also have in the works. Figured you guys might like to see.
Basking in the Glory by Niche
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Happy end of shark week everyone! Figured I'd actually do something for it this year, so here's a tf into my favorite shark, the basking shark. He's the second largest shark, and a filter feeder, so no pointy teeth here.
Banananananana... Batmom! by Niche
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My internship at the mammal nursery obviously has me taking care of baby mammals, including bats. As such, my parents like to call me Batmom, and it seems that the fates thought to make it more accurate! It's gonna be reeeeeaaaaally hard to feed and clean with wings... but probably quite a bit of fun.
Better Reception by Niche
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Gift for Shadowfox
Some Cases You Never Forget by Niche
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“Officer dispatch, there’s a 10-45/9 at 563 Evergreen Road. Be advised, suspect is a 17 year-old male.” Officer Dawson picked up his radio. “Copy, on my way.” Letting out a heavy sigh, he set the radio down and turned on his lights, keeping the sirens silent as he turned off an exit to head to the scene. The call was one of the strangest ones seen, and luckily one of the rarest too. Occasionally a person, randomly, will begin to change, taking on the form of an animal, losing all rationale and m...
Cammy by Niche
9442 views, 93 favorites, 1 comment
Post tftg of a guy into a cross vixen.
Bat transformation by Niche
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Done for Halloween, an energetic bat transformation.
Blade by Niche
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Gift for a friend
What flavor is it? by Niche
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Birthday gift for Shadowfox.