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Overreaction by Niche
7735 views, 59 favorites, 5 comments
Getting more recent. Due to my need of a rabies vaccine, seems a little contamination could have been in it.
Man of Many Faces by Niche
11697 views, 39 favorites, 1 comment
Older low-quality-photo sketch page of me transforming into many different animals for practice.
Werefox by Niche
6321 views, 58 favorites, 1 comment
Older drawing, commission of a werefox.
She's all ears by Niche
4693 views, 59 favorites, 0 comments
Older drawing, late tf into a bat-eared fox.
Just a prick by Niche
9754 views, 64 favorites, 0 comments
Older sketch, a tftg into an anthro porcupine due to a quill.
Underwotter by Niche
4507 views, 47 favorites, 1 comment
Older drawing, commission of an otter tf.
Beaver Tf by Niche
4913 views, 40 favorites, 1 comment
Older drawing, gift for Shadowfox of a beaver tf!
What do you think is in the punch? by Niche
10168 views, 49 favorites, 1 comment
Older drawing featuring myself and some friends at a Halloween party. Seems something is going around...
Vulpine by Niche
3385 views, 25 favorites, 1 comment
Older drawing. Higher quality self-portrait of me midway to a red fox.
Hunters' Chorus by Niche
4559 views, 36 favorites, 2 comments
Old drawing, tf into a fox due to a song magically calling a hunting pack in need of quarry.