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Cat burgler by frankenJade
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Flora had a little mishap with her grappling hook during her latest heist. Normally, she could easily untangle herself. Unfortunately, the artifact she's currently heisting is cursed, it's slowly turning her into a cat the longer she possesses it. But if she lets go if it before she can break the curse, the change will be permanent. Will she attempt to untangle herself without dropping the orb, possibly changing further in the process? Or will she give up her prize and accept her current feline ...
TOASTY!!!! by Briandabluefox
1314 views, 10 favorites, 1 comment
insert toaster noises
Gazelle by frankenJade
2211 views, 32 favorites, 2 comments
Looks like someone's adventure in the savanna might last a little longer than they planned...
Lion time by Briandabluefox
1002 views, 11 favorites, 3 comments
Ma wimbah weh, ma wimbah weh, ma wimbah weh
Full Moon=Lycanroc Time by Briandabluefox
962 views, 13 favorites, 1 comment
More tf stuff. Yippee.
The Yeen Scene by KrazyIvan
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A quite long project that has been in the making for more time than i care to admit is finally getting some line art and thought i'd share.
Hyena tf by Briandabluefox
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Hyenas are in the top 5 favorite tfs of mine. Why? I won't say. Also, I do have tf commisions open. If you are interested, message me.
Sketchtember Day Nine: Back to the Drawing Board by Mxmaramoose
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Sketchtember Day Nine: “Back to the drawing board” Went for the sentence prompt option today… so enjoy this lil piece of a old timey animator going back to the drawing board in a rather literal sense…
Sketchtember Day Eight: Underdog by Mxmaramoose
1078 views, 20 favorites, 2 comments
Again another rather literal one. After all when what self respecting tf artist wouldn’t do a Dog Tf with that prompt? Anywho enjoy this poor cursed dude! Why’s he being cursed? Idk. guess you guys get to make up a reason 😁
Roo time by Briandabluefox
1096 views, 15 favorites, 0 comments
Being a roo sounds fun. Heavy tail and big paws are awesome.